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Wir sind bereit

Nach den Sommerferien warten unsere Esel Jacou, Jimmy und Wolli bereits ungeduldig auf euch, um mit euch neue Abenteuer zu den Themen Natur, Nachhaltigkeit und Bauernhof zu erleben. Bis bald!

Fest vun der Natur
Am 16. und 17. Juni findet auf Kockelscheuer wieder das alljährliche Familienfest "Fest vun der Natur" statt mit zahlreichen Verkaufs- und Animationsständen für Groß und Klein.


20 ans d'activités-nature dans le Haus vun der Natur à Kockelscheuer - cela se fête.

De nombreux ateliers et stands de jeux pour toute la famille attendent les visiteurs entre 11h et 18h.

Springtime in the city

Spring started on March 20th . On our special spring page, we'll show you current pictures about spring in the city.



Early in February this year, eight chicks hatched from their eggs at Kockelscheuer.

Snowy Kockelscheuer
The kids are glad about the first snow this winter.

festival des sciences 2015

Le festival des sciences aura lieu du 12 au 15 novembre 2015 à Luxembourg-Grund . Activités-nature y présentera un atelier autour des bougies et des flammes intitulé "à la lueur d'une bougie".




De Bësch an d'Stad

Le 26 et 27 septembre 2015, la forêt a rendu visite à la ville par l’action « de Bësch an d’Stad ». activités-nature a accueilli de nombreux visiteurs dans différents ateliers autour du sujet : « découvrir la forêt avec tous les sens ».

10 little rabbits

On december 1th, 10 little rabbits were born at our nature centre in Kockelscheuer. Bunny, the mother and her babies are all in a good shape.


Urban kids experience nature


At the nature centre in Luxembourg – Kockelscheuer, the municipality of the city of Luxembourg offers to the pupils of their fundamental schools the possibility to discover nature by all their senses.

The center for nature activities is part of the Luxembourg-city school administration, the activities are organized according to the curriculum of fundamental school in Luxembourg.

Our targets and methods for a sustainable environmental education :

  • Make the children experience and understand their natural environment in authentical learning situations
  • Encourage discoveries with all the senses in direct contact with plants and animals
  • Make the children discover natural correlations by experiences and autonomous actions
  • Facilitate the development of a positive  attitude to nature
  • Guide the children towards a repectful behaviour towards their environment
  • Make the children develop their nature and environmental capacities at all levels of fundamental school

Our work is guided by the Charta for an Education for a Sustainable Development in Luxembourg (

Education for Sustainable Development allows every human being to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future. Education for Sustainable Development consequently promotes competencies like critical thinking, imagining future scenarios and making decisions in a collaborative way (source:

Our offer for the fundamental school grades from Luxembourg-City :

  • single nature activities for classes
  • theme weeks for all classes of a school level
  • sustainable school projects in close cooperation with all the teachers of a school.



program 2018-2019


All our activities can only be booked by schools from the city of Luxembourg (école fondamentale).